Ecovillages of Zealand

I took my bike to the countryside to visit some eco-villages I had been hearing about, and happened to meet "the only witch in Denmark". 

Photographing these ecovillages  highlights some of the fundamental issues regarding "green" architecture and aesthetics.

Are photographs of these buildings an aesthetic practice or a documentation of a scientific process?

When viewed from the world of "high design" a parallel emerges between these sorts of "outsider designers" and the more documented phenomenon of "outsider art".

While they may not be the most fashionable buildings, or have the most sophisticated construction or detailing, lessons can be drawn from these experiments. 

The influence of these "drop-out" era buildings on contemporary mainstream forms and building practices is very evident and will only continue to become more apparent as time passes.
seashells are a common roofing element.

more photos from the trip here.

ecovillages visited where: Dyssekilde in Hundested ,Hallingelille by Ringsted, Fri og Fro in Egebjerg, Odsherred.